A Company Devoted to Exploration, Survey and Discovery
Our Company is involed in several activities including the analysis of the Earth surface, the exploration of the subsurface on Earth and on Mars, the application of geological and engineering concepts to the exploration of the Earth and the bodies of the Solar System. The IRSPS heritage is field based on the field and we have experience in working and logistic in remote part of the our Planets. The geographic zones on Earth where we focus our investigations are in arid and/or cold climate that resemble that of Mars. They include Sahara Desert, Gobi Desert, Antarctica, Arctic, Siberia, and Alps. With our spin off Ibn Battuta Centre, together with International Research School of Planetary Sciences Foundation we are analysing the terrestrial analogue terrain to Mars and other planetary bodies. Mars is the main terrestrial planet of our investigations. It is a planet with geological and climatic conditions resembling those of Earth in many aspects. We have worked on diverse incuding the drilling of the uppermost subsurface, the caracterisation of the ExoMars landing sites, the control of the descending lander to guide the spacecraft toward a safe landing. Planetary geological mapping is a basis of our research activities. This research approach assists greatly interpretations of geological processes on the planetary surfaces. We apply technologies and know out acquired during our planetary work to our Earth activities. We are currently developing aerial surveys by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones.


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