A Company Devoted to Exploration, Survey and Discovery
IBN BATTUTA CENTRE The main aim of the Ibn Battuta Centre for exploration and field activities is to support the exploration of Mars and others planets, and to provide opportunities for scientists and the public for experiencing the exploration on Earth and in the Solar System. The Ibn Battuta Centre for exploration and field activities was established in 2006 by the International Research School of Planetary Sciences (Pescara, Italy) to prepare and execute tests of rovers, landing systems, instruments and operations related to the exploration of Mars and Moon. The Centre has a major partner, the Universite’ Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech (Morocco) where it is located. The Ibn Battuta Centre carries on activities linked to the operations and science of the European missions to Mars, Moon and other bodies of the Solar System. The centre is currently involved, cooperating with IRSPS, with surface and soil analysis related to ExoMars missions in 2016 and 2018, characterization of the landing sites, surface and soil analysis for drilling operations, rocket jets and surface interaction studies, analysis of simulants, etc. The Centre has been also involved in the logistic and operations for future testing of the precision landing gears for Mars and Moon. The Centre is analysing several sites in Marocco and elsewhere in order to test instruments and systems as well as scientific studies. The activities that can be performed in these sites span from technical to scientific and are summarized in the tables below. Visit: www.ibnbattutacentre.org


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