A Company Devoted to Exploration, Survey and Discovery
IRSPS srl is an Italian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) set up in 2009 as spin off of the International Research School of Planetary Sciences. The latter is a non-profit Foundation associated to University D’Annunzio, Pescara, Italy (www.irsps.unich.it), devoted to research and high education in the field of Planetary Sciences. The Foundation is involved in Space and Planetary Science activities linked to European and American missions. However a large number of industrial and applied science activities are necessary for the development of a successful space exploration. For this purpose IRSPS srl has been set managing projects in cooperation with space prime industries, various international research institutes and space agencies (ASI, ESA) in the field of space exploration. The Company is working in synergy with the IRSPS foundation in advanced studies for planetary exploration and fieldwork on Earth. One of the major infrastructures of the company is the Ibn Battuta Centre at Marrakech (Morocco). This centre for Mars, Lunar and planetary analogue studies devoted to carry out tests, experiments and studies in support of preparation of rovers, instruments, systems and subsystems for the planetary exploration. The company is applying the expertise obtained in the space exploration to the analysis of Earth. The company itself is recent but it is rooted into the solid experience of its personnel that has relevant experience in field operations and expeditions in several remote or logistic-demanding areas such as Sahara, Arctic (Canadian High Arctic, Svalbard), Antarctica, Alps, Black Sea, Patagonia. Objectives of these activities are Mars Analogues studies and operations, mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, environmental survey etc. IRSPS is also active in hydrocarbon exploration with experience in modelling sedimentary basin and exploration in the Mediterranean area and Black Sea IRSPS Srl has also a solid background in the scientific side with sharing scientific personnel with the International Research School of Planetary Sciences.


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